Thursday, September 28, 2017

15 Reasons Why Taco Bell is Better Than Bae

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So a reader made this request and I couldn't help but find myself laughing at the idea. I couldn't resist fulfilling this request.

Just so everyone knows, Taco Bell is indeed very near and dear to my heart, I could eat their food for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of my life. ❤

15 Reasons Why Taco Bell is Better Than Bae

1. Burritos before Bros. Ladies you all know that Taco Bell's Beefy 5-Layer Burrito is way more complex than any simple minded man will ever be. With double tortillas this burrito will be sure to catch all of your tears.

2. Speaking of tears, tacos have never made anyone cry, they love you just as much as your taste-buds love them. So order that 12 taco pack with no regret, Taco Bell will not break your heart. 

3. Taco Bell makes for the ultimate affair, you can cheat on your diet with the Bell anytime. You know their doors will always be open. Just imagine Taco Bell singing Take It Out On Me by Florida Georgia Line. That midnight taco run doesn't sound so bad now does it? 

4. You can't fry your man crisp and then cover him in warm nacho cheese, pico de gallo and smother his last words with sourcream and mild sauce like you can Taco Bell's XXL Nachos.

5. Taco Bell will never body shame you. The Bell doesn't care how much you weigh, just as long as you're happy with the tacos in your hands. 

6. You don't have to worry about Taco Bell being a deadbeat dad, it will always be there to feed your food baby for as long as you need.

7. Sharing is caring, you can share your Taco Bell with your best friend without worry. Taco Bell with your bestie will be the ultimate threesome you will never want to get out of.

8. Taco Bell will never bitch at you....for anything....Those gorgeous tacos all safely wrapped up don't care how crazy you drive or how long you take to get ready, at the end of the day, they will still be waiting for you.⏰

9.  You don't have to fight your Taco Bell meal for the remote. Your Gordita Crunches are happy to watch whatever you want on Netflix. 

10. Taco Bells' Cinnabon Delights will be the only balls you ever want to put in your mouth or hold in your hand. Don't even get me started about the landscaping .

11. The Bell can calm all of your worries with  5 little words, "May I take your order?"邏

12. With Taco Bell you never have to worry about the heat dying down. The Bell keeps things spicy with Diablo 

13. Messy hair, Taco Bell doesn't care.

14. With the Bell's breakfast menu, you never have to spend another Saturday morning curled up alone while ex-bae is out golfing. ⛳

15. TACO BELL IS BAE.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Twenty Something, Twenty Nothing

As a young child, none of us really thought about anything more than going to the park to play and hoping our next meal came from McDonald's. But it seems as an adult, all of our childish aspirations and dreams fade away.

I'm 22 years old, going on 23, going on lost. 

As a child I never worried about where my next meal would come from or if I would have clothes to wear for school. I thought life was good and easy for the most part. My parents were my beloved best friends and I thought they knew everything.

I can remember sitting in the truck on a road trip and giving my mother "hard" multiplication problems to answer because I was awe-inspired that she could do such "hard" math in her head.

"Mama, what's 300 times 20!?" I would say.
"6,000 Kayla," my mother would almost instantly reply.
"Okay, but what is 265 times 91?" I would ask.
"24,115," my mother responded patiently.
"How do you do that!?"
"It just takes practice moving numbers around in your head," my mother would always say.

Or I thought it was amazing that my father took complicated images of peoples heads and "found" cancer and inserted IVs. I wanted to be just like him someday. I use to take every chance I got to go to work with him, I even read his college text books.

Its funny much time has passed. Memories that were clear as day when they were happening but are now fuzzy and fading away with each day.

By the time I reached my teens I realized that my parents were "old" and behind the times. My mother had been using her old Nokia phone to calculate those numbers and my dad was definitely no brain surgeon, besides I was type one diabetic and I inserted my own IVs all the time!

 No one wanted to be like their parents, especially me. I remember thinking how little they really knew about the world. I was it, I was part of the new generation, part of the future! How could they possibly know!?

I felt like everything I did was better done my way, their way was old and out-of-date. I still let them teach me things, but only in vain. I knew I'd have to learn to work, manage my money and do "adult things." But I never really knew what those things entailed. I did not know how much of the world my parents worked hard to keep from getting to me.

When I reached 16, I felt like I was it, I was biting at the bit, just waiting to reach 18, so I could strike out on my own and prove that I knew how to do life better than my parents. I fought them tooth and nail every step of the way. 

As soon as my 18th birthday rolled over, I struck out on my own. And when I say struck out, that's exactly what I did, was struck out....I struck out like the Cardinals playing the Cubs in the bottom of the ninth tied 4 to 4. I thought I had life in the bag until I had the rug ripped right out from underneath my feet.

I struggled up a downward slope that just never seemed to end. But I was convinced that I still knew better.

By 19 years old, I started to think, "Maybe my parents were on to something here. Maybe they really do know a little about life." But of course that wasn't enough for me and I continued on as my parents watched me make their same struggles that they tried to save me from. My nineteenth year in life was the hardest I've ever lived. I hated life at that point.

One day after I turned 20, I woke up and realized I didn't know a damn thing. Already I had spent what seemed like so much of my life struggling while my parents seemed to live happy lives. I started to suddenly appreciate my parents and the things they had to say. And that my dear readers, is when my life started to take a turn for the better.

When 21 rolled around, I knew that my very short and insignificant 21 years of life meant nothing in comparison to my parents 30+ years. Twenty something, means absolutely nothing. I realized the time I had spent thinking I knew it all, was the most miserable I had ever been and time had really seemed to drag on. But now here I was, a young 21 year old surfing my way through the world.

And now, here I am 22 years old, heading towards 23. Every month I spend listening to my parents wisdom seems to fly by faster and faster. I grow older but somehow younger and my parents just seem to grow older but wiser.

This Saturday, August 12th, 2017, I will have been living in Illinois for 2 years. It's crazy for me to ponder that fact. But I know I could've never done it, had I never realized my parents "know-it-all." At times I still feel lost in this world. I've found myself, but sometimes I still find myself searching for my own path. My parents know this and always point me in the best possible direction.

If there is one thing I do know, my time with my parents is ticking down and that's something no one is able to stop. I just hope they are around long enough for me to raise my own twenty something out of twenty nothing.

To my parents, if you are reading this: Thank you for all of your love and support now and times past. Being your daughter is my greatest honor and I just want you all to know this twenty something knows ABSOLUTELY nothing!


Thursday, July 13, 2017

How to Love An Emotionally Scarred Girl

If you clicked on this blog post then you know the type of girl I am talking about. Maybe you are that girl or maybe you are the person trying to love that girl. 

Loving someone who is insecure and scared you are going to leave is not easy. Many times the person trying to love her feels like they are paying for past heartbreaks. It is true, you are, that is why you have so much more to prove to her.

Loving and leaving is an all too familiar feeling to this girl. Her past causes her insecurities to sometimes get the best of her. It's not that she can't move on from the past, but she has deep scars in her emotions to remind her where to never tread again.

The insecure voices in her head from these scars convince her to act and think in ways that are not in her personality. These voices are the same ones to tell her she isn't good enough to be with you, that one day you will wake up and realize you can do better than her.

These scars and voices come from repetitive unfortunate events. To her, every time something in her life is looking up and she is becoming happy, it always comes crashing down. When things are great for her they always end up worse than where they started. She feels like when the going gets good its bound to end. It's your job to show her it doesn't have to end.

This girl is terrified of the feeling of being left, she knows the ugly truth of breakups, it haunts her dreams at night. Because you are not like everyone in her past who has loved and left her she fears you leaving even more, because she feels a deeper connection to you. Somewhere deep inside she knows you won't leave her but the voices inside will make her doubt that for a long time. She knows that if you ever left, she would never be the same. She would eventually pick herself back up and move on, but even then she would have another nasty scar to carry beside the rest.

If you truly love this girl, then the best thing you can do is to love her with all that you are.

Show her love in a way that silences the insecure voices. Don't question her why she has the insecurities, you why they are there, just accept that they are there and love her until she makes them disappear herself. She will say and do many things she doesn't mean, simply out of fear. But so will you. Forgive. Forget. Love like no other.

Show her love in a way that makes this girl know without a doubt that she is enough for you and what she means to you. You will know if you are doing this right because your relationship will blossom and she will begin to reflect true confidence in you, herself and life in general.

Show her love in a way that will give her comfort. Things go wrong in life, that's part of the game, many things we cannot control. But show her you aren't just there for the good times, but the bad times too.

Show her love in a way that let's her know you are there when she needs you. You have to be the person she trusts and can count on to listen to her thoughts. She knows you will not always understand but just listening and being the voice of reason is enough.

If you really love this girl you can do everything mentioned above without trying...Love takes effort at times, but if you have to force yourself to be what she needs, then you do not love her in the way she needs. You have to be different from the others. The ones who tried and failed her, the ones who couldn't appreciate everything she is, the ones who try to love her only to leave her and the ones who wouldn't show her the love she deserves.

When you're loving this girl right, she'll know the only place you plan to be, is by her side.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Suck It Up Buttercup

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Self-sulking seems to have become the new fad with millennials. One blaming all of one's problems on everyone but themselves is just too easy and is the path more commonly traveled. Many of us moan on about how much our lives suck, and that's because they do. We cry about how the whole weight of the world rests on our shoulders, obviously because it does. Even more so, we sigh because we feel like we deserve way more than what we are currently getting out of life, and that is because we do.

Well I'm here to break it to you, all of these things are because of you. Your life sucks, because of you. The weight of the world is on your shoulders, because you put it there. You deserve more in life that what you currently have, but you put yourself in this position.

One of America's most pristine author's Jordan Belfort once said," The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it." 

If that quote makes you butthurt, then chances are, it's because it's true and if you're offended, then click off of my blog, because shit is about to get real!

You're crappy attitude towards life has brought you right to where you are- drowning in your own self-misery and self-pity. Only you have allowed yourself to use the negatives in life to self-propel yourself down a steep slope. By letting the negative things win, you have allowed negativity to control your life and bring you to rock-bottom misery.

All of this is no one's fault but your own. And yes, even I too, have been there and sometimes I can still find myself there.

I felt I would never move out of a small one-horse town, that I'd always be stuck there. I just knew I'd never have a job I enjoyed or a spouse that shared my ambitions. I would just always be stuck in this same old routine of life- unhappy and bored.

I felt that way for a long time until someone told me that I needed to stop making excuses for myself. At first I was highly offended because how could they possibly know what my life was like, they didn't understand that I had bills to pay and a husband to tend to and that it was just impossible to pick up my life and move. However, I spent some time thinking, a lot of time, more than I even care to admit to. Finally, I did realize I was the only holding myself back from everything I wanted. Human-tendency is to take the easy street and avoid bumps but, in doing this it really just slams you right into the biggest bump of your life that makes you think there is no way out.

You find yourself afraid of becoming frustrated, you find yourself backing down because its too stressful. Well it's bullshit, all of it, complete utter bullshit. Time for you to suck it up buttercup and do something about it!

Don't be afraid to get lost. Don't be afraid to meet new people. Don't be afraid to look for a new job that is more fulfilling. Don't be afraid to find someone who wants more with you. Don't be afraid to pick up your life and change it for the better. Fear is what causes us all to fail.

You can say, "I saved up several times to take a trip to Europe but things kept coming up. My car broke down, I accrued some medical bills and I had to fix my hot water heater in my house." Sounds reasonable right? Of course! Life is full of "ifs" we have no idea what is going to happen on any given time and day. Continuing to focus on the negative will only make this worse. 

You will never be happy in your life if you continue to associate yourself with negative things and negative people that suck the ever-living life out of you. "You are your own worst enemy," as my mother always use to say.

Plain and simple: Stop criticizing others and take a look at your own life. What can you do to make your life better?

Changing takes time and small steps. It's not something that you can expect to happen overnight. No one, including life does not owe you anything. You can't expect to go buy a lottery ticket and to win millions because you were optimistic about it. You can't expect to have a good job if all you do is attempt to put in an application with no real effort behind it. You can't expect to wake up in a beautiful house if you don't work for it.

Half-assing things in life will get you nowhere, hard work is required. To some just saying "work your ass off" is unappealing but it's the truth. Working your ass of is what gives your life meaning, purpose and fulfillment. When you are working your ass off, then you are working towards something- no dead ends come from working your hiney off.

Self-belief will be the biggest thing you every accomplish as far as your personality goes. No one will believe you can do anything until you can believe you can do and you actually do it. It's a lot of do's but it works. 

Everyone around you can want the best for you, but no one and I mean no one can make things better for you. You have to stop doing things that don't make you happy, stop blaming your problems and woes of life on other people and the sake of us all, stop thinking you are entitled to anything life has to offer!

If you want your life to be happy and fulfilling, then start living like it. Even if you start with just one thing, start today by doing positive in the direction of where you want to go. Don't stop until you get to where you want to be, and once you get there, go farther. My self proclaimed saying is," The sky is my limit, and the only reason the sky limits me is because I have no desire to be an astronaut."

Sunday, May 7, 2017

It's a Hard-Knock Life

Confidence can get you far. Sometimes though, confidence only goes skin deep. We all have positive and negative things in our lives. Some we wished for and others we were given by life itself.

Sometimes because of the uncontrollable things in our lives we find ourselves wishing for someone else's life. 

But what we don't realize is each and everyone of us have travelled down a path unique to our very person that has enabled us to handle things in life better than the next person who hasn't lived our life. You can take your journey through life and swap lives with someone you perceive to have the perfect life, only to find they are going through something you had no idea about. 

I had someone tell me the other day they wished they could have my life. Little do they know, my life is far from perfect. This blog post isn't a whine story about my personal insecurities and problems in life but rather a look past my skin.

The imperfection in my life starts with the mirror. I own who I am, I love who I am, but sometimes that love teeters on a fine line of self hate. Outwardly and a little inwardly I'm confident of how I look. But you see the world has these outrageous beauty standards. All it takes is for me to stand naked in front of the mirror and to remember a woman I saw every male in the bar fawning over. 

This woman is the most beautiful blonde you ever saw, with bright blue eyes, perfect white teeth, a face that you can't help but feel drawn into when your eyes meet her smile and a body you could swear fell out of a Victoria's Secret catalog.

 The problem is that I know I fall way below those standards, instead of being confident that I'm great just the way I am, I analyze how I can change the way my body and face looks only to end with a depressing sigh because I am who I am. I can't change the way god made me. Sure I can go under the knife and let doctors shape me into a Barbie doll- but who would ever want or love someone that vain? 

But more thoughts follow those: who would want me the way I am now? Nobody. It's a lose, lose.

"I wish I could be like her, she's so pretty everybody loves her." -Mistake 1

More imperfection carries into my life- that same girl I saw in the bar, was very charismatic, every person of any walk of life and gender pined for her attention. She had a laugh that sounded like bells ringing. Her happiness just seemed to saturate the room and cover everyone up in a good time. 

When I enter a room, nobody notices I'm there, not that I want to be noticed, but I want to be able to spread happiness and positivity with every footprint I leave.


"I wish I could be like her, everyone loves being around her."-Mistake 2

This same woman has a lot of money, she's perceived as very successful in life, she drives a nice car, wears nice clothes, carries a big rock on her hand and lives in a big house.

I am not quite so sparkly, as I come with a paycheck to paycheck policy that has passed up more success in life than I've gained, I drive a decent vehicle with a few scratches and cloth seats, I wear secondhand and clearance clothes, I carry my family's heirloom on my hand and I live in a small single family house. My life is clean and solid but not quite so luxurious and shiny.

I could spend every second wishing and working every hour of every day striving for what I wish I had.

"I wish I could be like her, her life is perfect!"- Mistake 3

The positives about myself.... searching....

If I dig deep enough, I can come up with a few:

I can handle pain, physical, mental and emotional. I can take it like it doesn't phase me like the stabs at my heart are deflected by impenetrable cold hard ice. 

I can handle life going to shit because I've been to the bottom with no money, I can draw something from nothing, because the only way I've ever had something is because I made it happen for myself. I make friends easy because I know the worth of loyalty and what it's like to need somebody when you have nobody.

"Those positives don't help me in any way- they will never help me get to the blonde's life that I want so badly, so what use are they?"-Mistake 4

Little do I know... this blonde... is beautiful... but those who really know her, find her appalling because she has an attitude and vicious side with absolutely no value of loyalty that has pushed away most of her friends. Those who are drawn to her and beg for her attention are always after what she has. Men just want what they can get out of her, even women think they can get some spare change thrown their way. But keep peeling back her skin and you'll find she's trapped with her abusive husband because if she leaves him she'll be in debt up to her pretty blues. All of her costly nice things come at a cost to her own humanity.


But what I really don't know about her, is that she wishes she could have my life- I have true friends I can trust with my life. Everyone is cordial and friendly with me, no one is after my money or my shiny things. My partner treats me as his equal and loves me unconditionally. I don't have much to my name but I'm not in debt. 

Without knowing her side of the story, my life can seem mediocre.

However, knowing her side of the story shows me who I am and makes me happy to be, well, me. I am who I am, because of where I've been. I'll be even better because of where I'm going.

Don't forget it friends, curse the mirror, wish for a better life, but at the end of the day, love who you are- because no one, no one, can replace you.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Real Life Struggles of Women

Being a woman in this day and age is more than just being a gender, its more or less a full-time job. We go through so many struggles that men could never fathom. They don't understand just how real the struggle is...although they do try their best to accommodate us.

Any woman who is considered to be grown nowadays would understand the all too real struggle of keeping up with contouring. I mean even some men are doing it. I can barely put on makeup without looking like an emo kid from the 2000s, and you've got these divas on YouTube who can make themselves look like Kim Kardashian. But we women who don't contour rest soundly at night knowing we can go for a swim and not come back up looking like Medusa.

Don't even get me started on bodily maintenance. Sometimes I just wish I could've been born back during the B.C. Ages. We are covered in hair for a reason, but for some damn reason that I don't know we have all been trained from a young age to shave ourselves into a bunch of naked mole rats. Yeah you know what I'm talking about...Wake up in the morning hoping to wear that cute new dress to work, but a quick swipe over the legs makes that overpriced dress a “no-go”. Even better, when your man is kissing you and you know where its heading, the hole time hes running his hands up and down your legs you are screaming at yourself, “WHY DIDN'T I SHAVE THIS MORNING!? HE'S GONNA THINK I'M A DAMN WOOKIE1” Yeah... the struggle is real.

B.R.A......A man had to have been the one to invent a bra. Today's society seriously expects us to strap our beloved girls up tight enough to constrict a rat like a boa and high enough to leave the horse on the ground. Clearly though, this same inventor of the bra had a deal with Karma. We women are all naturally bitchy at times, but put an extra bitch in bitchy and Karma releases the mighty threads of your over the shoulder boulder holder, allowing wire stab your fat blobs right in the mammary gland.

We do have some advantages though, as women... I can only count like one, maybe two. If you got a pretty face or a puddin' face you can get a lot out of men if you know how to use what god gave you right. Flutter your eyelashes like you're whipping up the next hurricane Katrina and that speeding ticket just turned into a warning.

Men like to complain about our “girl stuff” taking over the bathroom, but I mean come one, we do try to downsize but we need so much to keep up our delicate bodies. Shampoo is an obvious need, but conditioner is to keep the hair soft. Body wash for keeping that smell they love on us so much, shaving gel for our legs, arms and down under; heat protection- I mean duh gotta protect our hair from the curling iron's wrath; argan oil for some shine; hand lotion; body lotion; foot scrub; nail polishes- a color for every mood; face wash, face toner, facial moisturizer, deodorant, perfume, maaaaaakeup(20 items or more right there).... Girl stuff is necessary damnit!

Clothes...ugh...we need so many but hate most of them. You can't ever buy the same size of clothing at every store, because whatever is a 6 at Maurice's is an 8 at Rue21. Online shopping is a complete fail. I can't ever buy anything online and get the size right the first time. By time I pay all the shipping charges to return it three times (even after using the store's sizing chart) I could've bought 3-4 new shirts.

Last but not least....You can't ever be angry and be taken seriously. When women get angry its cute or funny. When I'm pissed off, I want to be feared like I'm Maleficent. Sadly all I ever get is laughter... The only time when we are ever actually allowed to be angry is during that “time of the month” and if you got the balls to mention it, you won't have 'em after you say it.

The struggle of every woman is real, but the world just wouldn't be the same without us and our quirky little hangups. Have you got your own real-life womanly struggles? Email me yours, I'd love to hear from my female Straight Southern readers! Love y'all, keep it pretty, keep it classy and always keep it just a bit smart assy!  

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Love Me When I'm Gone

I know it's been over a month since I've posted and I apologize to my loyal readers who have returned week after week looking for a new post. I was without a computer for that entire time and my phone could not process my HTML uploads and don't even get me started on the ancient library computers that were still running on dial up at the town square.

Anyways I just thought I would update everyone on my crazy life- I went to Arkansas for a week about a month ago, then I came home for about three days and took a business trip to Davenport, Iowa for a new day job I started. For those nosy enough to care I'm now working as a Donor Recruiter for Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center. It keeps me busy through the day and life keeps me busy the rest of the time.

While I was out of town for those two weeks I realized a lot about relationships that I had failed to learn years prior. My ex husband was so codependent and clingy that I couldn't go anywhere without him and if I did there would be hell to pay which usually made me turn around and cancel my plans. (But oh yes it was just fine if he went out wherever doing whatever.)

I was telling my mama about all of this the other day, I asked her if it was normal for my current relationship to feel this good, this close and this complete. I said Brandon is my best friend. She assured me that's how it should be and that I deserved the happiness I had been denied for so long. 

It was funny to watch Brandon and I's relationship grow to the next level over something as simple as voluntary separation for vacation and work related issues. 

When you are away from your significant other you learn the truth about how much not just the other but how much both of you care for one another.

We texted each other a lot more per day than usual and literally about nothing important, mostly to trade "I love you's" and "I miss you's" 20 times a day. It was annoying for outsiders but for us it was like we were grasping for each other to make sure one wasn't slipping away.

You also learn if the other takes you for granted, I didn't have time to not reach out because he took the initiative.

You will also find that Snapchat or FaceTime has become the third wheel in your relationship, and most likely one of you is going to fall asleep while on the phone talking, it's cute but comforting that you can still play "you hang up first" in your 20s.

Instantly pillows try to take the place of your partner but alas they do not snore, twitch or have nightly outbursts of indecipherable words- and you do not and will not have a decent night of rest until you return back home to sleep in your lover's arms.

You also find yourself making a million plans in your heads of all the things you guys are gonna do together when you get back home- reality check: Netflix... but that's cool too.

When you return home you find your phone full of screenshots of cutesy conversations you two had over texts or of Instagram posts of cutesy quotes that made your heart warm just thinking about them. You won't show any of them once you make it back to reality because you realized how nauseating romantic your mind was being...

When you have a bad day while out of town the best thing to do is sleep it off, because it sucks- and don't even get me started on the rain because knowing your thunder buddy is 400 miles away does not help you sleep.

While you're away time slows down to a crawl- you count the minutes to when you'll be home, because yes you yourself took for granted  even the little annoying things about them that you missed so much. 

Do you know the saying , “If you love someone, let them go and if they come back then it’s meant to be”? I think that same rule applies to this situation . When you truly love someone, you should be able to let them do whatever they need to do in order to pursue their goals and they should do the exact same thing for you, because then you can be sure you are experiencing the right type of love...

 the type that is liberating....