About Me

   My name is Kayla Brewer, I'm a writer and Doctor of Fine Arts originally from Blytheville, Arkansas. I spent my first twenty years in the South, living the true and stereotypical Southern Belle life. I moved to Springfield, Illinois to get a fresh start.
   My favorite things to do include hunting, fishing, spoiling my horse Candy Apple, skateboarding, playing the guitar and piano, obsessing over and working on cars- especially fast ones, writing and reading of course, spending time on the sandbar at my beloved Mississippi River, playing Xbox, training in MMA,  cooking gourmet meals, dancing and best of all travelling! My family and friends are the most important people to me in the world and they are the best support system anyone could ever ask for! I'm just a little crazy, a whole lot of adventurous and insanely full of life! The sky is my limit!
Candy Apple is my 17 year old Anglo Arabian mare, she's been my baby girl and best friend since I was 10.

If it can be hunted, I'll kill it! Fowl hunting is my favorite.
Catfishing and trout fishing are my favorite. I'm at Spring River in Hardy, Arkansas in the above picture.
Playing the guitar and piano are among
my favorite hobbies. I played on a Fender
Stratocaster and a Grand Baby Piano.
I use to skate a lot when I was younger, not as much now.
Plan B is my board of choice.
I fight in MMA in my spare time. I train in a private gym under Bartlet Meoney.
I've won all six of my career fights.

Me at my beloved Mississippi River the weekend before I moved to Illinois.
 I literally lived five minutes from the river. The Mississippi has hands down
 the best catfishing you will ever find!

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