Monday, November 16, 2015

To The Man In My Life

I've been through the ringer the last five years, only to find out I wasted them on the wrong person. I was bent and broken in the worst ways possible but, God let me have another chance. I may not be a maiden anymore and my family may not disapprove but, this poem I wrote when I was 16 was really meant for the man in my life today. In every relationship there are disagreements, agreements, likes, dislikes, flaws and good qualities, not to mention the weight of this ever degrading world, so perhaps now that is the storm that rages on. It's a storm that will never stop, why fight it alone when you can fight it together?

(To my readers, I apologize for the repetitive posting of poetry, I get on a poetry kick every now and then. Either way read and enjoy!)

"The Other Side of the Storm"
Let us live for today 
For tomorrow we shall die 
It is looking like rain 
And the winds of disapproval are blowing heavily 
The dark clouds with a critical eye are bearing down 
Yes when it rains it pours my love 
Come please keep me in faith 
And I will keep you in mine 
We can’t hold on forever 
Or can we? 

If you must go, don’t forget me 
For I shall not forget you 
The days spent with you were not in vain 
But the hours of your departure are what bring the pain 
Tis not us driving one another apart 
Only the outsiders with hammers 
Tearing down our walls 

They should not be allowed 
But the world does not care 
For we are but two small people 
They tell us seek for advantage 
Yet we find that and more 

A life without you is a thought I cannot bare to entertain 
If you fight, I will fight 
For we shall slay those beastly dragons 
We are young, yes 
However it is to our advantage 

There is so much more to life than you 
But it is with you that I want to find that much more 

You've been my best friend 
And right hand man 
So please do not forsake me now 
We shall press on through the storm
Because there is always another side to a cloud 
It will tire us both 
We will feel as if it’s not worth it 
Like we cannot go on 
Will we go on? 

The clouds shall part 
The wind shall cease 
The rain shall dam up 
And out will come the sun 
The birds will sing in harmony
Critters will find their delight 
As shall we 

It will be the day when you lay your knee down, 
Down on this God-given earth and ask my hand 
I shall look at mother 
I shall look at father 
The answer I have is already in mind, 
So why bother with other careless people? 

My yes will ring like bells in your ears 
And your warm embrace 
And shower of kisses 
Will make us realize the worth of the fight 

When we can stand before friends and family 
Yes parents too 
All in one agreement 
The breeze blowing 
And catching my hair 
The sun shining 
And lighting up your icy blue eyes 
You trenched in black 
And I bound with white satin 
Your hands folded patiently 
But your nerves despise 
My free and flowy walk through the abundance of people 
And they shall rise in respect 
As this maiden walks to her future 

You take my hands into yours 
And peer ever so deeply into my soul 
But I peer right back 
You smile and I smile
A man begins
And our “I Do’s” pass between us
To love and to hold 
Through sickness and strife
Forever and always
And if we may cheat death, 
Let us cheat it together. 

I yours and you mine.
Your soft honeysuckle lips taste my own, 
Sealing our vows and love for one another 
And we begin our first walk together through this world

We dance and celebrate, 
And wash away the pain of yesterday. 

Dusk finally settles 
And our love flutters 
As you take me under your roof and protection
And make love to me in the depths of the night 
Promising to never let me go, 
Making me yours, 
Forever and ever. 

And for the first time spending a night wrapped in your arms 
Our troubles no longer chasing away sleep. 
The feel of your breath running down my neck, 
And your heartbeat with mine 
Makes me sleep sound for the first time in years 

The dawn will break, 
With a ray of sunlight resting, 
Resting on two bodies intermingled and sweetly sleeping. 

The sun bright and cheerful will coax open our eyes. 
Fluttering and focusing, 
To find the love of your life staring right back. 
Yes another dawn another day, 
Only this time not alone, 
But with you my love. 

So can’t you see it? 
Can’t you make it live in your mind? 
Come don’t leave me, 
Take my hand and let’s fight, 
Fight to the other side of the storm, 
And make these dreams live. 

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