Saturday, November 14, 2015

To Moms Of Miscarriage

Those pats on the back,
And sympathetic smiles pointed my way.
They know what heartbeats I lack,
Something I could begin to call a bad day.

With feelings of being a failure,
Like it was all my fault.
Of life I'm just too unsure,
sonograms I'll keep in a vault.

The shame and embarrassment,
Like I am a woman of no use.
I thought my babies were heaven sent?
But from me they cut loose.

My heart aches now,
I know it to be an eternal pain.
I'll get over it somehow,
To remain calm and sain.

My partner looks at me with love,
deep down I know he hurts as much.
I'll keep praying to above,
And he'll do as such.

Maybe one day again,
I can find the strength.
To open my heart like a mother hen,
And carry gods gift full length.

I'll remember them forever,
My two precious twins.
At seven weeks our love did sever,
A boy and girl did come to ends.

Caden a proclaimed warrior,
A fighter with great might.
Harley as a dear memoir,
Books and bikes in same light.

I held them once so brief,
With the worst hello and goodbye.
With some ink I'll heal my grief,
For it was me that felt them die.


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