Friday, October 23, 2015

Don't Wait Till Death To Reflect

  So back in June in an unfortunate accident I broke three fingers. While I'm fine for the most part, everything that happens to us everyday is always a cause for reflection. Reflection on our regrets, accomplishments and memories.
  Breaking my fingers was not a life or death sort of event even though it still served as a reminder how precious our time is. It made me think back to the times when I have been in life or death situations. In other words I was happy to break my fingers any day than to revisit past situations.
  We should all take time to reflect on our lives. Don't wait until something bad comes along to make you feel remorse. With those same thoughts in mind, during a tragic time in my late teens, I wrote the following poem:

"The Day Life Called Its End"

This is it I thought.
My young life has come to an end.
Hope filling my last heartbeats.
Will my wonderful god see something in me,
Something worth keeping?
My family is gathered around.
I plead with a quiet voice,
Do not weep or fret beloveds,
My life short and trial-some,
Was yet full and happy.
I felt a peaceful sleep calling,
Calling to my mind and heart.
My betrothed leaned in upon me,
Promising never to forget what we had.
My parents bore a hand at each side.
I spoke, yes my mother and father,
Our struggles great and small,
However with my end near,
A grudge I will not keep.
And you my love of a few short months,
You may well forget in time,
But you will be my last memory,
The last thought to be within me,
When this body decides,
To say goodbye.
Sleep began entreating my every thought,
I knew this not to be an ordinary rest,
I clutched my mamma and daddy's hands,
With fading strength,
I looked around at those gathered,
Family of flesh and spirit,
Friends of past and present,
I bid them all a token of love,
Full of no regrets.
My eyes became very heavy,
Begging, to let them lay shut.
However one business still called to me;
I tilted my head up,
With what life I had left in me,
I had not the will to speak,
I sought out my true love's sight,
And called to those blue eyes,
Letting the fire that once burned,
In my own brown hazels return.
My mother catching this,
Grasped my hand tighter,
Assisted me,
And called my love's attention to mine.
My love turning to me,
Caught vision of the fire within me,
Leaned in closer and....
Caught my lips in the most perfect,
Sweet, succulent,
Gentle, tender kiss.
His tears meshed with mine,
As his eyelashes brushed my cheeks.
I pulled more hungrily at his lips,
Our love began to flow between and around.
The entire room made a gasp,
For they could see it,
Never before had they understood,
Such a delicate love story,
As the one before them,
Until that moment.
I felt his warmth and love,
Engulf my entire body.
I let my eyes shut.
Keeping this wonderful kiss in motion,
My mind drifted back,
To the first I laid eyes on this wonderful creature,
I felt sleep coming near.
My mind was tiring.
I didn't fight it.
I was too drowned in thought of my love and I.
As we held such unison,
Having not moved from moments ago.
I felt my body being moved.
Wait moving?
What is happening?
I flicked my eyes open.
My love was pulling me into his arms,
Nestling my face into his neck,
And holding my tiny,
Nearly lifeless body,
So close to his,
That I could feel his heartbeat surge through me.
I found my hands free and wrestled my fingers,
Attempting to raise my arm around his neck.
As I lay sideways in his arms,
I kept trying,
I crawled my hand slowly up his arm,
But just couldn't go on,
Oh how I wanted his face to be impressed upon my hand,
When I took my last breaths.
My abrupt end of movement,
Made him realize what I wanted,
He quietly shifted beneath me,
Freed his hand,
And tenderly grasped mine in his,
Pulling it to his cheek,
As my fingertips gave up,
What was left,
To caress his face.
He then gracefully lay back,
Still holding me in his arms.
I could here sniffles,
As the room filled with those of regret,
Regret that they had tried to stifle,
Such magnificent beauty in love,
As they witnessed on this day.
I could feel my body's curves,
Nestle comfortably into my partner's,
As they once had done.
I sucked in air loudly,
And found my lips meeting his once again,
I sighed I love you into his mouth,
Never parting as those last three words,
Took all I had in me.
For I couldn't feel the air come to my lungs,
But I did not ache or fear,
I just kept my lips to his,
Remembering all his love,
Feeling his tears tickle my neck.
With my hand slipping from his face,
In surprise was caught,
By whom I recognized as my mother,
Holding it to his face,
Gave me,
For the first time,
Approval of our love.
My soul was becoming still and heavy.
My love squeezed me with great force,
But never enough to bring discomfort.
With my eyes closing tightly,
My lips clasping intently,
I welcomed serenity,
As I ever so simply began sleeping.

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