Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I Hate Mondays But Not Bacon

  The following is my boring 2015 Fourth of July story; however, I do make a valid point about bacon. Heartbreaks, wasting your weekend bored, cool fall mornings, early Sundays or whatever the occasion may be, bacon always makes for a good comfort food:  
  My story starts July 3, 2015, Friday morning, I think... what really happened that weekend? Just kidding. I'm one of those "good girls" anyways. Back to my story... Friday morning was really dreary with a ton of rain. Yuck right? I wanted to ride my horse but that was out of the question. So I entertained myself with my other pet. A rat. A white rat. A white rat with beady red eyes. She's cute and really sweet and goes by the name Thrall, (for any gamers out there reading this, the same thralls from Destiny.) Domesticated rats aren't like the sort of rats you have in your mind that come from the sewer. My rat in particular is extremely intelligent and is severely obese. Yeah, you heard me, an obese rat. I blame it on those cute little fingers that rattle the cage door every time I walk by with food.
  Friday was pretty much wasted with me accomplishing nothing constructive, just entertaining my fat rat. Saturday was great though. I suppose. Played some Xbox and then grilled with the family. My husband at the time and I were sitting out on the patio at my grandmother's house watching our London steak cut sizzle when he started talking about bottle rockets. I was itching to shoot something of some sort. I remembered my grandmother had bottle rockets that she uses to scare apocalyptic black birds out of her trees with. You can bet your bottom I dug those dusty things out of the shed. We started lighting and throwing... well, my husband did anyways. I'm a bit too tame for fireworks and hands on. I think the notion of "bottle rockets" is to put them in a bottle and shoot them because, when you toss them up in the air its unclear what direction they will shoot off in. To the backyard neighbors I am still sorry, but the horrific look on your faces when gunshot sounds hit your window, was priceless.
  With 50 bottle rockets later, the mosquitoes decided to show up and that was it for me. Then Saturday night around 6 p.m. my husband and I were in the Gosnell area and we spotted a few cold air funnels... Being the storm junkie and would be meteorologist that I am, we went storm chasing. (Yes I am educated in the movement and tell-tell signs of storm developments,which is enough to keep me from danger.) We enjoyed the view of several cold air funnels. I was kinda disappointed though. I wanted to get an awe-inspiring shot of a tornado coming across a field. There will always be another day.
  Saturday night we enjoyed the fireworks at the Sportsplex from inside our truck. This is Arkansas and I don't have to go into detail about "them there skeeters." (No mistake that's how my riverbilly family and I talk about them.)You all know how relentless they are. It was nice though just to sit back and relax, smashing mosquitoes on the truck windows while attempting to view the fireworks with the local police attempting to cause seizures with their blue lights beaming you in the face repetitiously .
  I was so tired from doing nothing, I don't even remember making it home (about a five minute drive) after the fireworks.
  Sunday would have been much more enjoyable if I could actually sleep in for once! Instead I spent my morning indulging in Netflix while the grizzly bear beside me snored his head off. I was really sleepy all day Sunday and kept looking for a chance to nap.... *Sigh* I didn't go to bed till 12 a.m. Monday morning thanks to Minecraft. (A video game for those of you not familiar with the gaming industry.)
  But my sleepy and under the radar weekend was made a lot better with bacon. Bacon is good, bacon is great, bacon is almighty.(Perhaps I got carried away.) The moral, no the point, to my whole boring weekend storytelling is bacon. End your weekends with bacon and Mondays won't be so bad. Trust me it works.

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