Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Moms- One In A Million...

I think it's common knowledge that moms are the most under appreciated humans that are responsible for more than 90% of societal functions. I also think it's common knowledge that every mom and her child(ren) go through so much together.

A good mom nowadays is something held precious, more precious than the finest pearl. To be a good mom takes someone with many valuable qualities: courage, determination, love no doubt, dedication, patience and many many more. Mothers are not perfect but they all strive to build each one of he children up as active, honest hardworking members of society.

I was talking to someone a few days ago about my own mother. It's funny how when you're a young child, mama has the answers for everything, then suddenly in your teens, mama is stupid and doesn't know a thing...... Then about the time you graduate high school or reach college, late teens to early twenties, you realize your initial impression of mama (she has all the answers) was right and you my friend don't know squat.

I know there are many who do not have the privilege of having a mother, and this fact itself makes me very thankful for mine. I know I have not always treated my mother with respect and we have definitely had our rough patches, but in the end she is still my mother and I know she's always only one phone call away.

So in honor of mothers everywhere, I'd like to share a few funny wayward memories I have with my beautiful mother. Mom if you're reading this, I love you.

One weekend when my mother and I went on a trail ride with our horses, her and I stayed in our own camper/horse trailer. We had an absolute blast. Everyone thought we were sisters, my mother doesn't look a day over 25.....

On a trip to the boondocks to put out deer stands, we were in the big truck following my crazy redneck stepfather....(he's crazy but I love him too). Anyways he led us onto the worst road I've ever seen in my life, or felt. So we got the idea every time we hit a smooth patch of blacktop we'd ooh and aah about how smooth it was and then whine and say "awe" every time it ended. Silly, but it's little things like that you don't forget.

Then of course there is the time my mother threw a worm in my hair. Worms don't bother me and I'll bait my pole in a Little Rock minute, but as 12 year old self-absorbed preteen worried about messing up my hair with worm juices I freaked out. I ended up mashing the worm into several pieces in my beautiful long hair because I was so mad at my mother and wouldn't let her get it out until I had made sushi of the worm.... Ugh yuck....

I remember the very first day my mother taught me how to ride a horse on my own. She put me on this old brood mare we had, bareback, and made me ride with my arms straight out at many different paces.... I will tell you this, I've never found a horse that could get me off yet.... Ahem, knock on wood.

I was 20 years old and felt like I had screwed up the rest of my life, I had made a lot mistakes and was sorry I had ignored all the wisdom she had offered me years prior.... But to her it didn't matter, I still wasn't too big for her to soothe in a rocking chair. 

My mother is very innocent and gullible, and it rubs off if I'm around her for too long. You can throw black fuzzies on her and watch her strip down naked while screaming like a crazy lady because she doesn't do spiders very well.

When I was in my teens, I hated it when she bought me clothes. Ugh she had no fashion sense whatsoever, I mean she had a little but sometimes she would wear stuff from the nineties(when I was born). She would get so mad at me because I treated her like a dumb old woman and of course my grandmother was the cool old hipster lady because she bought me whatever I thought was in style. Finely though, my mother caught up and her I enjoy time shopping together. I do know for sure she will always be honest about how something looks on me.

I have a very fond memory of playing wii boxing with my mother, I even still have the video. My mother is not a violent creature by nature. She is very bubbly and passive-aggressive. But man that was fun getting her rowelled up.

When she bought the house she lives in now, she was a single mother at the time, and it was just my oldest youngest brother, her and I. When my brother would go to his fathers house after school, we stayed up late on several occasions in the middle of December, (was a little colder that year) painting that house on the inside from top to bottom before we moved in. We would get food and sit on food up chairs around one of those old electric heaters and laugh at the dog, who was too cold to move away from the heater but too dumb to stop singeing his fur. Those were good times.

I'd have to say my fondest memory now, is a recurring renewing memory... Every time I visit her in Arkansas. I study her face, the way she moves and try my best to take her scent with me. I won't lie getting these last few words out, is taking everything I've got to not gush tears on my keyboard. 

My mother is one of the most important people in my life. As the saying goes, you never know what you have until it's gone... My mother isn't gone, just five hours farther, but I encourage everyone reading this now, call your mother, ask her how she is. I know she's tough and I know you're tough but no one never said you couldn't miss her.

Straight Southern love to all of y'all. Xoxoxoxoxox

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