Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What It Means To Be An Ambivert

We are all familiar with the terms “extrovert” and “introvert”. But how many of us know the definition of being an “ambivert”?

First off an extrovert is a person we know to be extremely friendly and outgoing, someone that is energized by being around other people. Extroverts tend to be on the more cocky end of the spectrum with a fine line between confidence and arrogance being threatened.

Over 75% of the population is estimated to contain extroverts. Most extroverts can be spotted a mile away, being that they are the type of person to jump into leadership roles as they have a knack for getting things done. Extroverts also enjoy being in large groups of people, having a full social life for an extrovert is like a coffee drinker having their morning cup of Joe full of caffeine. Extroverts are also spontaneous people that can easily adapt to situations with “go with the flow” mentality; however if an extrovert plans something, they really go all out and plan it, extroverts hate canceled plans.
Extroverts love to talk and would rather strike up a conversation with a complete stranger than sit alone and keep to themselves, which brings us to the introverted side of the spectrum.

Introverts are the type of people that find themselves drained by socializing and energized by spending quiet time alone thinking, as introverts find small talk incredibly cumbersome. Introverts still socialize but prefer company among people that they are well acquainted with and do not go out of their way to meet new people. Introverts are often stereotyped as intense serious people that don't have time for games when really its just those deep thoughts that keep them tied up inside their own heads. While extroverts get bored easily without a lot to do in their spare time, introverts prefer their downtime and don't view it as “unproductive.”

Introverts are also people that think before they speak, with an eye for detail. In fact most introverts are writers as they often communicate better through words on paper than face to face. Introverted people also prefer to master one thing, to be an expert in one area than to master several things in life. In fact introverts are so quietly inclined that a Harvard Medical study showed 8 out 10 introverts were 98.63 % more likely to suffer from low blood pressure. If you're wondering how someone could gain energy from sitting in a quiet place, meditating on their own thoughts, you are definitely not an introvert.

So from the above basic rundown of extrovert and introvert, we find ourselves looking at two different ends of the spectrum and wondering what comes in the middle. For a long time in society you were either one or the other, there was no in between. However, today's psychologists determined there are the few in the population about %4 that find themselves in whats called the “ambivert” section of the personality spectrum.

Ambiverts are like a half and half coffee blend. Although most ambiverts are often mistaken for an extrovert due to their founded confidence, ambiverts can turn off and turn on their energy whatever the situation may be. Welcome to the real-life struggle of being an ambivert:

Ambiverts find themselves energized at times, even going as far to be known as the “life of the party” but at the same time an ambivert can binge watch Netflix and enjoy their quiet time alone thinking.

Ambiverted people are often passionate and experts in more than one area. Someone that can be mistaken for a quiet introvert can suddenly bubble over with enthusiasm about a subject they feel passionate about. The term “Jack of All Trades” belongs to this group.

While ambiverts find they may be like their writing introverted counterparts, its nearly impossible for an ambivert to keep a journal. The extroversion in an ambivert in fact makes keeping routines hard at times. I myself as an ambivert cannot even workout the same way everyday as this “bores” me extremely. Most ambiverts have to force themselves into routines because they have such a spur of the moment “wing it” mentality. This can actually get ambiverts into trouble sometimes as they may draw from the wrong side of the spectrum.

An ambivert may draw from the enthusiasm of an extrovert and find themselves overstepping a boundary they didn't mean to cross, or even often times being quiet an observant as per the introverted side of them and coming off as stuck up and snobbish to those around them. Being an ambivert takes all the thinking of an introvert and all the energy of an extrovert.

Ambiverted people tend to be night owls and morning persons, as extroverts are morning people and introverts are night owls; ambiverts find themselves energized at these times but drained during the day. As soon as 6 a.m. or 6 p.m. comes around they are ready to party. This often times leads to ambiverts giving their friends musical whiplash.

We ambiverts can go from death metal to classical to pop to rock to rap to instrumental to hick hop to country all within one shuffle of our tunes. Dependent upon our mood you never know what we will play when asked to take charge of music! Music is often times an energizer for all three, extroverts, introverts and ambiverts. However most ambiverts will find that hard rock and dubstep are the most energizing genres for their personality.

Only the sky is the limit for an ambivert. Ambiverts don't know any limits until they meet them, for us the possibilities are endless. If we want to learn a new instrument, take up a new sport, start a new hobby or learn a new language we do it, no questions asked, we have the extroverted energy to get us through with the reason and logic of introversion to guide us through.

Ambiverts are loyal, extremely loyal. Ambiverts will lay down their lives in sign of loyalty to their family or mates. Ambiverts often times can be found to be in relationships with extroverts, introverts and other ambiverts; however, ambiverts can also bump heads with other ambiverts. When an ambivert finds their self in a relationship with an extrovert, their passion, enthusiasm and love of life often become prominent. When ambiverts find themselves in a relationship with an introvert their quiet, book reading melodramatic side often is seen as in a compliment to their introverted partner. Ambiverts partnered with other ambiverts often find their lives full of adventure and excitement but do not find themselves in exhausting lifestyles.

Ambiverts can often relate well to other people and understand where they are coming from but often times its hard for other people to understand them. Ambiverts are incredibly full of thoughts, ideas and questions. These very things energize us, we find energy in research and fact finding. Ambiverts often find they have the gift of gab in order to steer small talk into much deeper talk. Ambiverts invest a lot of time in other people and often times find it hard to trust new people, however once that trust bond is made, their loyalty factor comes into play.

Ambiverted people do not often lead conversations but they will in fact cut in when they have something to say otherwise they may just sit back and observe until they feel they have anything worth saying which may in fact peg them as either shy or snobby.

Ambiverts tend to yell more than either side, as they have their extroverted enthusiasm spills over with their introverted passion. Often the yelling is not directed at one person, nor are they ever aware they are yelling, they feel they are just simply expressing themselves while the unintended victim feels scolded.

Some weekends ambiverts like to lay low while other times they want to own the night like their extroverted counterparts; however, when the party is over, the party is over, we are D-O-N-E. Time for bed!

Ambiverts are very observant and often pick up on things others miss, we tend to see the big picture so we find ourselves trying to educate on every aspect of it. Ambiverts usually back down from fights unless logic and reason proves they can win, in which instances ambiverts assert themselves aggressively.

Ambiverts adapt well to those around them, when around quieter people they reign in their actions, but when around livelier people they spread their wings as social butterflies.

So if you find yourself wondering if you are an extrovert or introvert, chances are you are probably an ambivert! Knowing your personality spectrum will help you to deal with many things in life and it will help you to find and associate with people that will make lasting friends and connections.

Thanks for reading Straight Southern today and y'all have an ambiverted day! ;)

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