Monday, August 8, 2016

An Independent Bitch

First of all I would like to begin by apologizing to my loyal readers, having been nearly three weeks without a post, it seems I have failed you all. One thing led to another for me, first I was on vacation, then my brother came to visit me and then I got distracted with so many fun summer activities and lastly I've lacked a general idea of what to write about. While I am still working on “The Last Beginning” I wanted to return to some of my more traditional blog posts, I've had many ideas but I can't seem to quite get them out in any sort of fashion that makes sense or conveys what I am trying to say. Because of this, I am issuing a warning to all of my readers that the posts that follow in the next few days may indeed be garbled monkey poo, but I promise once I get this wonky weird writer's block out, I will be myself again.

For this post I'm going to extend a feminist warning to my male readers, this post is aimed at my fellow independent women, while you may enjoy it, there is a good chance it will not make any sense to you:

What Its Like to Be an Independent Woman

With so many recent sparks in female movements better known as feminism it would seem logical for me to jump on the band wagon....wrong... Independent women don't need a band wagon to be who they want to be or to express who they are. We don't need back up, not even from our own kind.

Many independent women are arrogant and borderline narcissist. Why? Because in order to be a successful independent woman, you must be overly confident in who you are and where you want to get or unfortunately men and women too will stand in your way.

As an independent woman, you expect to feel more negativity than positivity from people because unfortunately, women still have many glass ceilings to break through in today's society. While many of these ceilings seem to be broken more often than ever, its still a man's world. It started with Adam first, not Eve and that's just the way it has to be.

Independent women are not bomb ass bitches running around in stripper heels with a fashionable style that would kill Lady Gaga, no we are people who embrace exactly who we are and we don't put up with any bullshit. Actually we do tend to think we are bomb ass bitches, all part of embracing ourselves though ;)

Independent women are still humans, words still hurt us and usually because of our big personalities and fearless expression of our thoughts, many people think us immune to hurtful words. This is so very wrong, like any other woman or human for that matter, while we may not cry in the moment your words will definitely stick with us and we will ponder them at night, the only difference is we will use them as inspiration to go beyond what you think we are capable of. People call you a bitch to try and bring you down, you call yourself a bitch because you know they never will.

Most of us are self-made, maybe not entirely, but most of us are self-made in someway, it takes you to get yourself through college and to develop a successful career. No one else can take tests and do your job for you, it all depends on you. Many more of us are proud of what few or many possessions we have because we have attained them ourselves and we feel that no one is entitled to share in our success. (That's the arrogance and narcissism coming out.)

Independent women aren't the vain type to marry-up in the world in order to climb some social ladder, to get where we want to be. No, we have our own charisma that builds us up all by itself. Men marry up to be with us. True story.

Haters are our biggest fans, its our life's motto. Haters will always be your biggest fans because they are the only largest class of people that secretly envy you and want you to fail, they will watch your every move closely, waiting for you to slip on the runway and make a fool of yourself. Haters will be with you through every big event in your life, waiting and watching. Might as well add them to the fanbase if they make it to more of your social functions than your mother.

Independent women have no filter whatsoever, I mean not professionally related of course. We aren't going to tell our boss to go f*ck themselves after they hand us a really hard project. Casually speaking though, we are quick witted and have a silver tongue sharp enough to cut diamonds, don't mess with us, don't dish it out if you can't take it. We are constantly locked and loaded. This is nothing to do with arrogance or narcissism. This has everything to do with confidence, we know who we are, where we come from and that anything anyone may say means absolutely nothing. Only sticks and stones will break our bones.

We tend to be the type that end up in shit relationships before we finally learn our lesson. We want to date ambitious, confident people just like ourselves, but often times we are so determined in our thrills of life that we miss the red flags. For being someone who doesn't take a lot of shit on a general basis we take a lot of shit. You girls know what I'm talking about. It usually takes a bump or two until we realize men pose as someone we want when in reality 98 percent of them are slobby PsOS. Fortunately I learned my relationship lessons early in life, and while I'm still learning, I've learned enough to know the posers from the genuine. (I'm quite happy now, I found an independent asshole just like me LOL.)

Independent women are very competitive. Sure its all about just having fun, but really, deep down its all about first place or no place. We don't like taking second best, we might as well just not even have a place at all, which is why many of excel in whatever we put our minds to.

As an independent bad ass bitch, you don't have to have it all either. You don't need to have what she over there has or what he over here has. Nah, you are successful on your own terms. We aren't looking for a handout while sitting on our asses getting our nails done. We are working towards world domination, I mean working hard to build a name for ourselves and to achieve an empire, I mean a successful life. *evil smirk appears*

Independent women are not completely confident of every single second, we admit this and realize this and usually people exploit this as a weakness, but really its not, its back to being yourself, you can't pretend to be a hardass 100 percent of the time if you're not a hardass 100 percent of the time. On our worst days we have to remind ourselves that we can't take care of anyone else until we take care of ourselves first. Most people think we are trying to be this or trying to be that, when in reality we are just able to take care of ourselves and are in control of our own damn self, which in reality is the best way to be.

As independent Red Sea parters, we don't waste time on pathetic high school games – aka – taking down someone or ruining them to use as as stair step to where we want to be, if you are in the way, we will go around you or step over you, no need to step on you. People that exhibit opposite of this behavior are just trying to be something they themselves don't even believe.

When it comes to dating, you usually intimidate the weak and run off the fake. The weak complain about your opinion, the fake break under the pressure. You don't play games, you are a grown ass woman that has way bigger fish to fry. If you ghost us, bye, if you toy with us, bye, if you make us a low priority, bye. We don't have time to get emotional whiplash with you. Buh bye!

Most importantly our number one nickname as independent women is BITCH. Some of us are basic bitches, bad bitches, crazy bitches, scary bitches, selfish bitches and nice bitches, and a few of us are all of the above. You may be basic and drink your starbucks and post selfies on instagram, but you may also not give a shit about what anyone thinks and you don't need a man to validate you, or maybe even stepping outside of the box and picking on someone way bigger than you so-to-speak with an “I'll finish it” attitude, or maybe you are so freaking weird and do some crazy stuff that people stick you with nerdy or geeky names, or perhaps even you refuse to share your time, money or bed with someone, and of course you could just be so nice that you are a bitch.... Either way, earning the name bitch or asshole makes your day, its like receiving a golden trophy to show off on your independently, arrogant, narcissist award wall.

A few esteemed women once had a few badass quotes to say about being a badass independent woman:

“These days, I strive to be a bitch, because not being one sucks. Not being a bitch means not having your voice heard.” - Margaret Cho

“I'm tough, I'm ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay,” - Madonna.

“The emerging woman...will be strong-minded, strong-hearted, strong-souled and strong-bodied...strength and beauty must go together,” - Louisa May Alcott.

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